This is a major cat illness for cats. It may not seem like something that would be considered serious, but it is. Hairballs happen from a cat grooming his or herself and swallowing hair. Hair is difficult to digest and will eventually get combined with indigestible food which must be brought back up out of the stomach.


  • Refusal to eat
  • Lethargic
  • Coughing or vomiting hair
  • Hair in the cat’s stool
  • Constipation or Intestinal Blockage


Poor grooming, diet, excess or dead hair on the cat’s coat.

Preventative Treatment

Grooming is a great way to help your cat from getting hairballs. This helps to remove excess hair from the cat’s coat and helps to eliminate ingestion of hair while the cat grooms his or herself. Diet is also another great way to help prevent this cat illness as some cat food has a formula to help prevent hairballs. There are also over the counter remedies, such as gels and liquids, which help in the softening and passing of hairballs.


You can try any of the over the counter remedies at your local pet store. These will help in passing a hairball for your cat. As always you should consult your vet as to the best treatment and prevention methods for your favorite feline.

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